The motions and commands of the Seer council can often seem arbitrary or meaningless to those less versed in the arts of prophecy, but each is a considered act that binds Fate to their will. Untold catastrophes and cataclysms have been prevented by the actions of the Seer Cuncil since its inception. With the Eldrad Ulthran at their head, the Seers of Ulthwe have the power to alter reality on a galactic level.

On the field of battle, this potent alliance of psykers is a force to be reckonded with. Each Farseer wields the power to crush an enemy's mind with a gesture or fling a battletank into the air with a pulse of thought. Each Warlock has forged his will into a powerful weapon, bolstering his comraces or searing the souls of the enemy with blasts of eraw emotion.  All members of the Seer Council ar armed with pschically resonant spears and blades, the cystal helix at theor core enabling their weilders to strike down their foes with pulses of pschic force. But perhaps the most potent of all the weapon in the Seer Council's arsenal is the abilitu to predict where the enemy's next blow willl land, enabling them to flow around terrible destructive energies and avoid incoming bullets with hypnotising grace.

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