Lex Mechanicus

The Terminus Ultra pattern Land Raider in the ultimate Space Marine anti-armour vehicles. Forfeiting its troops carrying capability in order to mount a battery of Lascannons, the Terminus Ultra is capable of punching through all manner of defensive shielding and the thickest armor. These venerable machines are deployed from the armoury only in the most dire of circumstances, as the huge power build-up generated when a Terminus Ultra fires can cause irrevocable damage to its systems.

Truly is the Terminus Ultra the Space Marines surest weapon against enemy war engines. With a single salvo, it can cripple a super-heavy tank, disable a Chaos titan or destroy an Ork Stompa. Such power must be employed carefully and with wisdom. Though the Terminus Ultra is a durable construct, it super-heavy foes commonly employ weapons that can easily penetrate even it's might hull. So it is that a Space Marine Commander will often craft his strategy to ensure that the Terminus Ultra gets to precisely the correct place as the correct time.

Employed wisely, the Terminus Ultra can turn the tide of battle all by itself.

Terminus Ultra pattern Land Raider