Tanith Badge

The forest world of Tanith was destroyed shortly after the initial founding of the planet's first three regiments. The only survivors to escape the attack, the Tanith 1st Regiment, carry with them the wilderness skills learnt on their homeworld, that makes them a superb light-infantry regiment. The Guardsmen of the Tanith First and Only regiments wear distinctive camo-cloaks and they are renowned for their expertise at both scouting and infiltration missions. In addition to their normal equipment, each Guardsman is armed with a straight silver war-knife, unique to the Tanith regiment. Led by the inspirational Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt and drawing new recruits from the worlds they fight to liberate and defend, the reuptation of 'Gaunt's Ghosts' continue to grow with each passing victory.

Gaunts ghosts

Colonel-Commisar Iram Gaunt with the Tanith First and only

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