Marneus Calgar and his retinue during the battle for Maccragge

Space Marines are Humanity's Super Troops in Warhammer 40,000. Being genetically modified in nature, Space Marines can no longer be considered Human. They stand at 8 ft tall(depending on what genetic modifications he has received). Tactical Space Marines are armed with a variety of Bolters, Chainswords, Power Weapon and more powerful weaponry. The generic Space Marine is called a Tactical Space Marine for good reason as he can adapt to most environments, and can take on a variety of jobs including tank-hunting, bunker-busting or general raiding to weaken an enemy stronghold.

The Space Marine have also been on many campaigns including The Great Crusade, The Horus Heresy and the Damocles Crusade.

Space Marine Leigons

1. Dark Angels

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