The Shotgun is a projectile weapon firing a large, solid slug or a dispersed fragment shot. Some shotguns are drum-fed, others are pump-action, while the most primitive are single shot weapons. Their versatility and ease of construction compared to weapons such as lasguns, makes them widely used weapons. They are popular with local police, Planetary Defene forces and Hive-world Gangers.

The Shotgun is used by the Imperial Guard, although the Lasgun is preferred. It is not highly accurate but it is easier to fire from the hip than the Lasgun. It is easy to produce however and is an ideal weapon for worlds without the technological base to produce las weapons.

The combat shotgun, in the form of the Arbites Shotgun, is extensively used by the Arbites for both combat and crowd control, and various types of rounds have been developed for such tasks. The Arbites Shotgun fires frag shells, solid slugs, gas rounds and guided executioner rounds.
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Space Marine Scout Shotgun

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