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Shas'O Fal'shia Nan Kais M'yenshi, or just Shas'O Nan, is a Tau Commander hailing from the technological center of Tau space, Fal'shia.  As a result, he and his cadre do not consist of any of their allies, instead relying on their technology and battlesuits more so than most Cadres.  Experienced with the Imperium, Commander Sword is one of the leading Commanders in the Northern Fringe of Tau space.  As a result, he has encountered the Orks and Eldar as well, along his battles. 

His Battlesuit is configured as either an Aurora or a Helios Suit with both Iridium Armor and Stimulant Injectors.  As a result, these modifications and combat experiences have pushed him to undergo tactics that would be considered against the Greater Good for extremists and at least breaking traditional military protocol.  Unlike most Tau, his Cadre is trained rigorously in the use of Battlesuits as opposed to the Hammerhead Gunship.  The Devilfish is quite prevalent still however, yet there are no Pathfinders, an oddity amongst his kind.  Even his Ethreal considered him unsual until an action against the Eldar where a Farseer and her Dire Avengers came to attack.  Alone Commander Sword took them on, holding them for the Tau to move into position.  By sheer luck or skill, he was able to defeat the Dire Avengers as well as the Farseer in single combat. 

These actions have allowed the T'au High Command to not recall the Commander, that while his combat actions were unsound, they served to inspire his troops into fighting together as a formidible force.  As a result, he is being watched, but for the most part allowed to proceed, making sure his actions do not endager the Tau Empire.  However this behavior has spread, particularly to the Broadsides who, unable to escape combat, attack first.  By some unknown force, they are as successful as their commander, able to hold back and defeat those such as the Sisters of Battle or Ork Warbikers.

Being from Fal'shia, his entire Cadre has a greater affinity for technology.  Indeed, they will take a higher interest in new technology when not in combat, watching it with high interest, something unknown to most.  Above all else, Sword has a creed that he lives by:  "Superior Firepower through Superior Technology."


  • Shas - Member of the Fire Caste.
  • 'O - Has achieved the rank of commander.
  • Fal'shia - From the First Sphere Sept World Fal'shia.
  • Nan - Term meaning Sword, earned for his fight against the Eldar.
  • Kais - Term meaning Skillful, earned for his fights against the Space Marine Blood Angels.
  • M'yenshi - Term meaning Unforseen Victory, earned for repeated melee combats against Eldar, Orks, and Chaos.
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