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Shas'O Tash'var Ko'vash Gal'leath, more commonly known as Shas’o Ko'vash, is a Tau commander. Along with his cadre he has spearheaded the Tyranid Resistance effort on the Eastern Front of the Tau Empire. He has become highly respected by other commanders and is often called upon for support when large Tyranid forces strike; he is renowned for his ability to adapt the cadre to fight a Tyranid force of any shape or size.

Ko'vash's Battlesuit is often equipped with an Airbursting Fragmentation Projector and a Flamer to counter Tyranid Gaunt hordes at close-medium range; he rarely engages in combat with larger Tyranids, leaving those for the Broadside teams to deal with. He has been criticized for being a 'coward' as he usually stays well away from any beast larger than a Genestealer. However, he proved his courage when he charged a Hive Tyrant in order to protect a team of Fire Warriors; his cadre watched, horrified, thinking he would surely be killed by such an immense creature, fortunately he was saved from certain doom by a Broadside team before he could be struck by the deadly scything talons.

In especially large or dangerous battles he is accompanied into battle by one or both of his bodyguards; Shas'vre Kor'Vesa and Shas'vre Kir'qath.

His name translated from the Tau language is:

  • Shas - Member of the Fire Caste.
  • 'O - Has achieved the rank of commander.
  • Tash'var - He heralds from the Tash'var sept.
  • Ko'vash - Worthy Cause; he was awarded this title for volunteering to spearhead the Tyranid Resistance.
  • Gal'leath - Explorer; he was awarded this title for exploring unknown territory in order to hunt down a fleeing Tyranid hive fleet.
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