The Orks a barbaric and brutal alien race that infest the galaxy from end to end. Green of skin and violent of temperament, they live only to fight, kill and conquer

Orks are hulking creatures that have more in common with a great savage ape than a man. They have long, slab-muscled arms that end in powerful taloned, perfect for throttling and gouging. Their fang toothed maws gape and snarl when they bark out their gutteral language, and their porcine eyes glower from sunken hollows in their thick skulls. An Ork's skin is wrinkled and tough, covered in pock marks, battle scars and colonies of parasitic grubs.

Orks prefer to dwell in filth and squalor, saving their energy for their killing sprees. A numerous race, the Orks are never truly beaten, for when an Ork is finally killed he releases thousands of spores that settle in dank places and eventually mature into more Orks.

All greenskins are naturally violant creatures, from the bulkiest Ork Warrior to the scrawniest Gretchin slave. They need conflict as humans need food and drink,. Stranger still, they become physically larger and more powerful every time they assert their dominance, An Ork is never happier than when he is maiming, burning and killing.

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