Mordian Iron Guard

Mordian Iron Guardsman

Mordians are grim and dour by nature, respecting only discipline and duty. Their regiments are fiercely loyal to their cause: the prosecution of the Emperor's Enemies. The Mordian Iron Guard are superbly drilled soldiers. In battle they present perfectly formed ranks of troops to the enemy, unleashing precisely timed volleys of las-fire from behind a hedge of bayonet points.

There is no concept of daybreak or nightfall on Mordian, for the planet rotates so slowly that the same side is forever pointing towards its sun. As a result, this side of Mordian is continuously bathed in radiation, leaving it a scorched and lifeless wasteland of splintered rock and canyons. On Mordian, all life exists on the opposite side of the planet, which lies in perpetual darkness. It is for this reason that Mordian is also known as the World of Eternal Night.

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