Sturdily built, and boasting a colossal payload for it's size, the Marauder is the archetypal heavy bomber of the Imperial Navy. Powerful engines and capacious fuel tanks give the Maruader a substantial operational reach and, furthermore, allow bomber squadrons to operate effectively in times of sporadic resupply. Like all Imperial aircraft, Marauders come under command of the Imperial Navy, not the Imperial Guard, and are often on orbiting spacecraft, as they can operate in the vacuum of space. In prolonged campaigns, naval airbases will be estabilished on the ground. Due to the Marauder's long range, these can be far from the frontline, safely away from enemy attacks or, better still, on another continent!

While a Marauder is considered capable for all manner of strike sorties, ti is most commonly employed as an interdiction aircraft,. Squadrons of Marauders fly deep into enemy territory and attack tergets of opportunity; supply dumps, troop convoys, and so on, before exfiltrating under cover by Thunderbolt fighters. Such is the ordnance at each Marauder's disposal that a single sircraft is cabable of chewing a column of infantry into sheer bloody ruin withen seconds of it's target registering the tell-tale drone of the Marauder's engine


Marauder Bomber of the Imperial Navy

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