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The Macharian Crusade was a seven year campaign led by between and . It took place on the far western edge of the galaxy, starting from Macharia and ultimately ending on Macharia, during this time, Lord Solar Macharius brought over a thouusand worlds under Imperial fold in this seven year campaign, no man has ever conquered so many worlds, not since before the Great Crusade itself.

Crusade logisticsEdit

The crusade forces were broken down into 7 Army Groups which spread out like a maw around the systems Macharius conquered. Each of these were:

First Army Group Lord Solar's own

*Lord Commander Solar
Second Army Group Sejanus's Steel

Third Army Group The Backbreakers

*General Tarka
Fourth Army Group The Mirage

*General Lysander
Fifth Army Group Gauntlets of Crassus

*General Crassus
Sixth Army Group Hard Luck Sixth

*General Arrian
Seventh Army Group Fire and Ice

*General Cyrus

Some of the more famous planets conquered are listed below with the respective armies which conquered it:

First Army Group

Second Army Group

Ultima Macharia
Third Army Group

Adrantis Five
Fourth Army Group

Fifth Army Group

Sixth Army Group

Seventh Army Group

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