Lex Mechanicus
"If it was a miracle, it was a Kantrael short-pattern nineteen-megathule Lasrifle miracle"
General Karnow of the 122nd Cadian after his victory on Vogen.

The Lasgun is the standard-issue weapon for all Imperial Guardsmen . It is a versitile weapon, capable of being produced on countless worlds.

The Lasgun the standard issue armament for the Imperial Guard. It is more powerful than Autoguns, typically carries a larger ammunition magazine, and both parts and ammunition is readily available; the Lasgun ammunition mag can be recharged in standard Imperial power units, solar rechargers, or even by throwing them into a fire (though doing so damages the magazine).

The Lasgun produces a 'bolt' of laser energy, which causes significant thermal damage on impact. The Lasgun is not as powerful as weapons such as the Bolter, however, and is not very effective against heavily armoured targets, such as Space Marines.

A Kantrael pattern Imperial lasgun.

Lasguns can be fitted with a variety of ancillery features. Lasguns typically have a bayonet lug to which a blade or flashlight can be fitted. Other features include a collapsable or detachable stock, additional scopes and flash suppressors.

Each planet that produces Lasguns produces their own 'pattern' of Lasgun. Known patterns include Armageddon, Catachan, Kantrael, Krieg, Mars, Necromundan, Triplex Phall and Vostroyan.

Lasgun Variants[]

There are countless variations of Lasgun in the Imperium. However, cataloguing all the variations is difficult. For example, the 122nd Cadian is described as using "Lasrifles", whilst other regiments use "Lascarbines". The difference between Lasgun, Lasrifle and Lascarbine has never been stipulated. However, all variants use standard Imperial magazines, readily available on most Imperial worlds.

The Long-Las[]

The Long-Las is a specialist sniper variant of the Lasgun. It is fitted with a superior scope, more durable barrel, flash suppressor and loaded with "Hot Shot" magazines. It is the standard sniper weapon of the Imperial Guard.

Specifications []

(As per 'the Imperial infantrymans uplifting primer, Damocles Gulf edition.)

Service designation - standard M-G short pattern lasgun/lasrifle Weight - 2.3kg Length - 900mm Magazine type - 19 megathule range (inc. rechargable) Type of fire - single shot or fully automatic Rate of fire (cyclic) - 220 shots per minute Shot intensity - low to high Sights - ajustable, back and front sights w/ optional laser sight/integral optics.