Tau Hammerhead Gunship with Railgun and Burst Cannons.

The Hammerhead Gunship is a battle tank used by the Tau, the Hammerhead is based on the chassis of a Devilfish, but it is far more heavily armed than any Devilfish and as a result cannot carry any troops due to the weapon capacitors taking up most of the internal space. The Hammerhead was first encountered by the Imperium during the Damocles Gulf Crusade and has since been encountered during most major confrontations with the Tau. The Hammerhead uses grav technology to move itself around the battlefield; it creates an anti-grav 'cushion' and is then directed by 2 jet engines.


The Hammerhead has a main turret weapon and 2 secondary weapons mounted on either side of the hull. The most common and arguably most effective turret weapon found on the Hammerhead is the Railgun, although several other variants have also been identified, such as the Ion Cannon, Burst Cannons, Missile Pods and recently encountered during the Taros Campaign, Plasma Cannons and Fusion Cannons. The hull can be mounted with Burst Cannons, Smart Missiles or Gun Drones. The Hammerhead can also be equipped with any of the weapons and defense systems from the Tau vehicle armoury.

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