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The Grey Templars are a chapter of Space marines of an unknown founding and are, held to be, a successor of the Imperial Fists. The earliest record of the Grey Templars is an Exterminatus report filed in M33.875 in which an Inquisitor Marchon ordered an Exterminatus on the planet designated 82-448 to halt a daemonic incursion. This Exterminatus was carried out by the Grey Templars Battle Barge Dorn's Wrath, a ship that continues to serve as the chapter's flagship to this day.

The chapter is currently based in the Centromar system, so named because of its location within 500 light years of the galactic center.

Planetary bodies of note:

  1. Centromar 1(Designation: Death World; type: tropical)
  2. Centross (Designation: Civilized World; type: terran)
  3. Centromar 3(Designation: Gas Giant; type: NA)
  4. Centromar 3-4(Designation: moon; type: NA; notes: unique life forms native to surface)

The Chapter's Fortress Monastary is located on Centromar 3-4. The Monastary is located in the mountains of the moon, which reaches far above the surface enough to where ships may dock with the Monastary. The moon itself is extremely cold, due to its orbit of the gas giant being equal to the gas giants orbit around the sun it remains constantly in the gas giant's shadow. This causes the moon to be covered in seas of liquid oxygen and have very little atmosphere, which is comprised of mostly oxygen that is constantly evaporating and condensing. Dispite this harsh enviroment life does exist here; all of it in the oxygen seas. This surface give the chapter a place to train in harsh conditions and has halted many attacks upon the fortress before they even began. The area around the monastary is covered in the frozen remains of an Ork Waaagh that assaulted the monastary in M37.863


The Grey Templar chapter color is slate grey with silver trim on their shoulder pads and silver aquilas. Sergeants are denoted by green laurels on their helms. The chapter symbol is a 4 armed spiral. The center of the spiral is occasionally centered over a Crux Terminatus or a skull. The Chapter Symbol is not borne by the vast majority of the chapter, it is an honorific given to certain individuals for great services. Companies are differentiated with the Company number on the left pauldron. The veteran company color is jet black armor with silver helmets, they have earned the moniker of Silver Helms from the rest of the chapter as an honorific.


The Grey Templars loosely follow the codex with a few minor changes. The Chapter is organized into 10 companies of 150 brothers. Each company maintains 8 Tactical squads, 3 Assault squads, 3 Devestator squads, and a command squad. The 1st company maintains 100 members and 60 suits of TDA. The Chapter's dreadnoughts all belong to the 1st company and there are 17 all together.

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