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The Fists of Flame are a Chapter of Space Marines who were rendered entirely fleet-born after the destruction of their homeworld, Tarsiss III during the Second War for Tarsiss III.

It is common for members of the Fists of Flame to fight with bolt pistol and chainsword, eschewing the use of boltguns following the events of Second War.

Appearance Edit

Tactical marine

Fists of Flame Space Marine

The Fists of Flame Battle Brothers wear white power armour, with red and yellow flames on their shoulder pads and lower leg greaves. The squad type is denoted by the colour presented on their left knee pad with the right knee pad being reserved for their rank within Squad (with gold being "Master", yellow being "Veteran" and white being "Brother").
Tarsiss iii

Tarsiss III, prior to Exterminatus being enacted.

Homeworld Edit

During the Second War for Tarsiss III, Lord Damius unleashed a virus upon the homeworld of the Fists of Flame, and the Chapter were unable to re-capture it, they were left with the final solution, Exterminatus.

Tarsiss III, prior to Exterminatus, was a verdant Shrine World, pious and home to a convent of Adepta Soritas, belonging to the Order of the Raped Virgin.

Notable Chapter Divergences Edit

The Fists of Flame bear a number of notable divergences from the Codex: Astartes.

Organisation Edit

The Fists of Flame are not organised around the Company structure, but rather by the smaller squad structure. When the Chapter's presence is requested, such requests are given to one or more "Masters" within the Chapter who then second one or more squads and other Chapter assets as they see fit for the war, battle or campaign they are to fight.

When a squad is reduced in strength, the Chapter Master (or Master, if on campaign) will assign the most senior Scout(s) to the squad to be rotated into the squad when the Scouts become full Battle Brothers.

Pyrotechnic Librarians Edit

The Fists of Flame, notably taken from stock of Tarsiss III, are able to control, manipulate and create flame, often most evident  when Librarians with the ability burst into flames on the battlefield. When they do this, they apparently do not suffer any ill effects or even seem to feel it despite the white hot heat radiating out

Notable Characters Edit

Chief Librarian Mars Aran Edit

The current Chapter Master of the Fists of Flame, Mars Aran was elevated to Chapter Master following the battle which nearly killed Heuran Tigerian. Mars Aran himself is from Tarsissian stock and his most prominent power is the ability known as Angels Flame.

Heuran Tigerian Edit

The former Chapter Master was nearly killed by an Ork Warboss. He was saved by the Fists of Flame and then interned into a Venerable Dreadnought.

Inquisitor-Lord Tibius Holt Edit

Tibius Holt is one of the few external agents to be given the title of "Master" within the Chapter. Holt himself is a member of the The Inquisition.

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