Catachans with Heavy Weapons

The men forming the Catachan regiments are tough, resourceful and uncomprimising warriors. They excel at fast moving, close-quarter fire-fights, infiltration and Sniper work. Each Catachan is a born survivor, hardened to the very core. These courageous people have endured one of the most dangerous and perilous ordeals known to Mankind - growing up on the very planet of their birth.

Catachan is a death world, perhps the most notorious and dangerous of all death worlds in the Imperium. Every naitve creature is a carnivore and every form of plant life is poisonous. Catachan is a planet so inimical to human life that every day there is a battle for survival. With a gruesome mortality rate, only the toughest survive to reach adulthood. Half the population dies before they can learn to walk, and half again perish before they reach 10 years of age. There are no mineral or strategic assets on Catachan, its people have but one resource of value to the Imperium; their superb regiments of Jungle Fighters. Catachan warriors readily accept the call to arms and, in exchange for this tithe of warriors, their settlements receive supplies from the Imperium that would be otherwise impossible to obtain.

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