The Burst Cannon is simply a multi-barreled version of the Tau Pulse Carbine (similar to an Assault Cannon) though it is significantly larger and unable to mount a Photon Grenade Launcher. Although its range is somewhat short, its firepower can be devastating once in range. It fires fast enough to hit roughly three targets in the time it takes a single Pulse Carbine to hit one. To this effect, XV8 Crisis Battlesuit with multiple Burst Cannons can mow down infantry quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, a five-tau Stealth Suit Team can lay down a withering hail of fire that, with luck, can mow down an entire Space Marines squad without even a chance for retaliation. When appropriately used, the Burst Cannon can be an extremely devastating weapon against infantry, though its anti-armor capabilities are practically non-existent. They take on a similar role in the Tau arsenal that Heavy Bolters do, and are often found on vehicle hardpoints or on elite Crisis Battlesuit soldiers.


Tau Battlesuit with Burst Cannon and Plasma Gun

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