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The 4th Houshold Cavalry are the foremost tithe regiment from the small world of Errena Secondus.

On Errena, the term Houshold Cavalry is used to refer to Internal Guard (Planetary Defence Force) as well as their tithe regiments. They use identical naming, terminology, ranks and uniformity.

Aside from the 2nd Regiment, the Colours Troop, the 4th are the oldest surviving regiment from Errena. The 4th and 5th Regiments were originally founded as tithe regiments, and to this day the 4th remains off-world fighting on other fronts. Their most recent engagement was acting as rearguard for the Damocles Gulf Crusade, though it should be noted that due to internal issues the regiment never fought in actual combat.

The 4th Houshold Cavalry has an almost permanent attatchment of Commisars and a long tradition of using horses, tanks and autoguns. As the Errena soldiers have never been in extended campaigns, they have never felt the need to use lasguns. Instead, they use a variety of autoguns and bolt-action slug shot weapons. Their few veterans are noted for carrying many different firearms.

Errena Secondus has very few Regiments in comparison to other worlds, haviing only 60 founded regiments and 28 surviving Regiments.

Other First Founding Errena Secondus Household Cavalry Regiments:
- 1st HCR (Ceremonial - Royal Guard) [Destroyed]
- 2nd HCR (Ceremonial - Colours Troop)
- 3rd HCR (Ceremonial - Crown's Rifles) [Destroyed]
- 4th HCR (Combat Tithe)
- 5th HCR (Combat Tithe) [Destroyed]
- 6th HCR (Combat Internal) [Destroyed]
- 7th HCR (Combat Internal) [Destroyed]

- 8th HCR (Combat Internal)

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